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Shuttle Review: Stepping Out

From The Kidderminster Shuttle September 18th 2014

Tap dance comedy performed to perfection

REVIEW: Stepping Out – Rose Theatre, Kidderminster

INSPIRED casting ensured the success of Richard Harris’s popular comedy, which was previously performed by the society in 2003.

The story tells of a group of ladies, and one man, learning to tap dance, many having two left feet at the start, but ultimately performing a foot-perfect routine.

In charge of, not only the choreography for the entire show, but taking the lead as the dancing teacher, Mavis, was Kathryn Knight, who is a very talented lady.

Melanie Jones was brilliant as the snobbish Vera, with a fetish for cleanliness and, as always, Jill Parmenter was enjoyable to watch.

Ian Jones was excellent as the lone man, who rarely spoke, and when he did had little to actually say, and the other ladies – Jackie Rutland, Salli Hunt, Alison Faulkner and Sue Wyer – all played their parts to perfection.

As always stealing scenes, Daphne Knight was the group’s long-suffering accompanist, getting some of the best laughs of the night with her one-liners, and especially when she sang “Happy Birthday to You” to Irving Berlin!

Some of the early dancing efforts were hilarious, and altogether this show was a real tonic.